Contactor solution 30 to 100 kVA

Eaton provides a compact solution in a CI enclosure to meet the requirements described in VDE-AR-N 4105 for installation sizes 30 to 100 kVA.

The grid and system protection is installed between the power inverter and grid connection. An additional solution for wall mounting that can be installed without any major effort, is also provided.

The NA protection system comprises four rating classes and two frame sizes:

  • Size 1: NAS63-CI-1, DILMP63(RAC240), 30kVA - 43kVA
  • Size 1: NAS80-CI-1, DILMP80(RAC240), 44kVA - 55kVA
  • Size 2: NAS125-CI-1-K95, DILMP125(RAC240), 56kVA - 86kVA
  • Size 2 : NAS160-CI-1-K95, DILMP160(RAC240), 87kVA - 100kVA